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Revolution in learning!
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About us

Language Surfing is an innovative way of teaching based on ‘linguistic immersion’.
It takes elements from Spanish Culture and Barcelona itself in order to accelerate the learning process.
 Classes are taught by native and professional trainers, and they take place mostly in urban areas of Barcelona
such as art galleries, cafés, shops, museums, parks, and other places in which language is ‘alive’ and used every day.

Our task is to ensure that the student, through theoretical and practical training, could explore the world of the Spanish language and the different realitiesof Barcelona.
Using the city as our language lab, we practice the knowledge acquired in our theoretical classes and are constantly provided with new conversation topics and opportunities for expanding vocabulary.

It is the end of boring and traditional lessons!
Because we strongly believe that the best thing to do with language is to put it into practice!

The most effective and dynamic way of learning a foreign language is to use it in real circumstances,
with native speakers and not only stuck in the classroom!

An important part of the Language Surfing work philosophy is the use of the Internet and new technologies, which provide a wide variety of opportunities to explore the language. Multimedia resources, apps, blogs, YouTube videos, social media memes, tutorials, etc. are a great chance to find out more about Spanish language and its culture.