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Irene Gallardo Agudo
Irene Gallardo Agudo

Age: 29
Interests: books, animals, Disney, writing, drawing
Working hours:

Hi everyone! My name’s Irene. I love literature, Disney and animals. I am keen on drawing, arts and craft and I usually write in my free time. I am also fond of cinema and I must confess I love romantic movies! Whenever I can I go away to visit the UK, one of my favourite destinations but I always miss Barcelona… Why? Because it’s impossible to forget its modernist art and traditions. There are a lot of special days to celebrate with family and friends! Here in my pic for example I'm celebrating "La Mona" with my folks. Do you want to know more? Let me show you my enthusiasm about teaching and we’ll discover Spanish and Catalan culture together. Get fired up!
Bachelor's Degree in English Philology - Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB)
Master's Degree in Books and Children's and Young Adults Literature - Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB)