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Soraya  Castillo Lombardo
Soraya Castillo Lombardo

Age: 32
Interests: literature, art, music, cinema
Working hours: 12:00 - 21:00

Hi, guys! I have a degree in Spanish Philology and a Master in Teaching. I’m from Granada but I live in Barcelona. It is a great city and here there are always new things to discover. Would you like to join me to explore the city together? I love art, literature, music (pop, indie, rock and electronic) and films. I love going for a walk, street markets and second hand shops, to discover new corners and get lost in the city because it’s the perfect chance to know more about it. Learning from others and teaching about my culture really fascinates me so let's get in touch! See you soon!
Bachelor's Degree in Spanish Philology - Universidad de Granada
Master's Degree in Secondary School Training, Vocational Training and Languages