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Jim Rek  

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Jim  Rek
Interests: Theatre, music and puppeteering
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I was born in Stockholm, Sweden and raised by a bilingual family. Being exposed to different languages at the same time, allowed me to learn them naturally and build my skills based on listening and experiences. Moreover, I showed great interest in playing music from my early years, something that allowed me to develop my listening skills, adapting easier to the intonation, dynamic and pronunciation of each new language I got chance to learn. I currently speak 5 languages although I believe that music and body language should considered to be languages too. Speaking of which, living in Barcelona since 2012 has let me explore theatre, clown, music and puppeteering. Most of the skills I acquired from these experiences have become tools and part of my teaching methods and ever since, I have developed a series of projects to run summer camps, workshops and school year terms specialized in children between 3-13 years old. Furthermore, being spontaneous and receptive to imperfection, help my adult students in companies to feel more relaxed, expressive and comfortable in making mistakes as they are encouraged to speak out their thoughts, regardless of their level, building confidence and bond between teacher – student.

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