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Jordi Amor  

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Jordi Amor
Interests: Movies, literature, food, travel
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I became language teacher because I used to love to live abroad and to learn from different cultures. Now, that I'm back in Barcelona I'm still teaching because I got addicted! I love to see people learning, developing their skills, growing their confidence and I like very much to listen to them talk, to exchange ideas, points of view and so on. In my classes I try to adapt myself to the needs that the student has. Beyond that, I try always to use real language, common vocabulary and expressions (the ones that are used in the street), I like to have fun and to make jokes and that the student feels comfortable. I've been living abroad for many years and I spend a long time living in Buenos Aires. I'm deeply in love with Argentinean culture! I also love reading (classic literature and sciencie fiction), eating, travelling, watching movies from the 50's and drinking good wine.
Bachelor's Degree in Humanities - Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB)
Official Certificate of Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language - International House Bcn

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