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Marta Morant 

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Marta Morant
Age: 28
Interests: cinema, arquitecture, music, aereal silks
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¡Hola! Born and raised in Valencia, I moved here two years ago to do an internship at an art institute (Hangar) and staying on for my MA in Spanish Teaching and Literature. Before this I studied Music at my hometown conservatory, and History of Art at university; I am also an avid cinema-goer: a bit obsessed with the arts in general. I also love to travel and spent a year in Poland on my degree, and several summers in London, discovering how much I enjoy sharing languages and interests with people from around the world. Barcelona owes its vitality to its tradition of openness and exchange and I love being part of that. Walking here is one of its great pleasures, and I spend a lot of time wandering through the neighbourhoods and marvelling at all the beautiful details to be found in the architecture. I look forward to sharing Barcelona with you!

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