Learn Spanish and English through culture in the comfort of your home!
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Language Surfing online 

We use unconventional methods helping you to improve your language skills while staying at home, so you learn faster and gain more confidence in a fun, relaxing way.

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Learn Language. Explore culture.

We are passionate about teaching you a real-life language in a wider cultural context. Our teachers celebrate every moment of your success. Each workshop is prepared according to your interests so you not only improve your skills but also extend your knowledge about Spanish music, art and sense of humour.

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  • You’re bored with learning grammar and vocabulary from books

  • You look for classes run in small groups with an individual approach

  • You’re interested in Spanish and Hispanic culture

  • You want to test your language level and gain more confidence

  • You want to learn without the need of leaving your home

  • You have fun while improving your language skills

  • You learn new vocabulary and phrases faster

  • You have an insight into Spanish life and culture

  • You get the support of our dedicated teachers

  • You overcome your speaking barriers


Choose the workshop

Our happy students  are the best proof that our methods work

The funniest way, I ever have learned the language. Brilliant concept and engaged and specialized teachers. If you are tired of conventional classes and books, you should try it! You learn a lot more focused on your interests than you do in a traditional language school!




Spanish with songs (intermediate) - Valencia
Learn faster while listening to your favourite Spanish music from all around the world.
Perfect for those who want to dive into historical and traditional aspects of the Spanish speaking cultures.


Spanish with Memes -by Laura Serrano- online
Learn while having a laugh at the content of Facebook and Instagram memes.
Perfect for those who want to learn the real language, jokes and have a glimpse of Spanish dry humour.


Spanish with short films with Jordi Amor - Basic
Learn useful phrases, vocabulary and grammar topics watching short films as a starting point.
Perfect for you if you’re fascinated by Spanish cinematography but feel frustrated when you notice they are too hard for you to understand.

Spanish with Art with Meri López (Intermediate)
Learn the language exploring hispanic art pieces from all around the world.
Perfect for the culture and art lovers who want to practice conversation while discussing the greatest masterpieces in history.


English for kids 7-9 - Create your comic book story

2 hours a week - you can join anytime! 
Interactive online classes for kids. 
It’s a perfect option if you’re looking for creative online classes run in small groups where your child have a chance to learn the language like a native speaker.


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