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Experience-based language activities on the streets of Barcelona
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Spanish and Yoga
For those who want to learn vocabulary related to the body and movements. First we get ready for a yoga class in Spanish. We learn useful phrases that will be used later, we practise the imperative, consolidate the vocabulary and then we enjoy an awesome class with Laura Duarte -our favourite yoga instructor.
2 hours
Spanish with Songs
For those who like music and who are interested in going in depth into the musical world in Spanish, which is not only salsa or flamenco, but also much more to discover. Songs of several genres and periods will take us into different cultures whose mother tongue is Spanish. It is Martyna Zienkiewicz’s session, originally from Poland, bilingual in Polish and Spanish, who worked for the cultural department of the well-known newspaper ‘El País’ and other media, and who is fascinated by all Spanish music.
1h 30 minutes
Spanish with short films

What you’ll learn  Do you like watching films? Would you like to learn or improve your Spanish? This workshop is for you! A lot of language learners opt for watching films or TV series in the language they want to learn but sometimes face frustration when they notice they are actually too hard for them to understand. What about short films?  They are shorter and usually easier to understand and follow. Join our cinematographical journey through several types of short films in Spanish. You will learn useful phrases, vocabulary and we will explain grammar topics taking short films as a starting point. 

1h 30minutes

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