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Spanish with songs
This workshop was designed for  those who like learning through listening to music, like to learn also through lyrics analysis and who are interested in diving into the amazing world of Spanish music genres. Apart from Salsa and Flamenco, we want to take you on a journey of musical discovery, where you will have a chance to learn about Rumba Catalana, Classical guitar, Spanish Rock and even Reggaeton. While learning through songs with us you will not only learn about the language, but also dive into historical and traditional aspects of the Spanish speaking cultures around the world. 


2 hours
Spanish with Memes
This workshop was designed for those of you who believe that having a good sense of humour is something that cannot be missing in the experience of language learning. If you like to spend time while having a laugh at the content of the Facebook and Instagram memes, this workshop is for you! Come and have a laugh with us at some of the most hilarious Spanish memes. This workshop is a great opportunity to check if Spanish jokes make use of satire, irony and dry humour. Join us for the 2 hours workshop where you will get the chance to build on your Spanish grammar vocabulary and fluency in a humorous and amusing way.  

This workshop is suitable for learners of A2 -B1 level 

1,5 hours
Spanish with short films
For those who like watching films and would like to learn or improve their Spanish. A lot of language learners opt for watching films or TV series in the language they want to learn but sometimes face frustration when they notice they are actually too hard for them to understand. 
What about short films? 
They are shorter and usually easier to understand and follow. Join our cinematographical journey through several types of short films in Spanish. You will learn useful phrases, vocabulary and we will explain grammar topics taking short films as a starting point.

1h 30 minutes
Learn Spanish with Shakira's songs
For everyone who is interested in boosting their Spanish and who would like to know more about Shakira and her music. You will discover a wide variety of Shakira´s songs and get to know their meaning, useful phrases and grammar topics. By listening to songs, to their rhyme and rhythm your memory will easily catch new structures and vocabulary in Spanish. 
All levels

Acting workshop to learn Spanish

Dont learn it, live it!

This intensive 4 hours workshop is for people who want to improve their confidence speaking Spanish through acting techniques. 

It help students lose their fear of public speaking, improve their pronunciation and vocabulary, increase their ability to improvise, and learn some acting techniques.

Previous acting experience is unnecessary, students come from different backgrounds and countries. 

Learn English and ukulele
Both English and music languages are meant for communication.
Learning how to play a musical instrument, activates the same part of the brain that helps you focus on the accent and pronunciation in any language.
The dynamics, the melodies and the intonations may help you develop your listening skills and therefore, learning process turns into a fun experience!

90 minutes

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