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Learn English and ukulele 

90 minutes
Learn how to play the ukulele as you practice and improve you English.
Start from basic ukulele charts and chords, pick your own favourite song and move to more complex rhythmical patterns played in swing manouche/New Orleans’s jazz and blues music.
Instructions are given in English, breaking down all words and vocabulary coming with the learning process. 

The best way to learn and improve a language is through listening, close observation and by practising out loud repetitively. 
Each phrase is being played separately and slowly, using visual means like ukulele charts, combining it with a metronome when needed. 

Both English and music languages are meant for communication.
Learning how to play a musical instrument, activates the same part of the brain that helps you focus on the accent and pronunciation in any language.
The dynamics, the melodies and the intonations may help you develop your listening skills and therefore, learning process turns into a fun experience!

Jim Rek was born and raised in Stockholm - Sweden. From an early age, he showed interest in music and luckily enough, thanks to the encouraging educational environment there, music classes were provided on weekly base, giving him the right tools to develop his skills in piano and percussions. It wasn´t long before he moved to the guitar, an instrument that he started developing a stronger bond and desire to explore further. 
In the age of 20, as his wishes were to travel more and minimize the space that a guitar occupies, he got his hands on a cheap ukulele. From that moment and on, he fell in love with the mellow and sparkly sound it makes and never stopped playing it.
Ukulele became his main instrument as he developed 2 important music projects with it. Swingabadi Cinetunes  + Ukuville
Among his numerous compositions with it, jazz manouche and New Orleans blues goes on his top favourite music genders although he pretty much loves anything coming out of an ukulele!  

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