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Spanish with Art with Meri López (Intermediate)  

1,5 hours

Learn the language exploring collections of the greatest Spanish museums.
Perfect for the culture and art lovers who want to practice conversation while discussing the greatest masterpieces in history.

Time: 90min. Spanish conversation workshops

Level: A2-B2 (Intermediate) 
Group: 2-6 people
Teacher speaks: English and Spanish

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During the workshops


  • You get to work on your Spanish vocabulary while observing paintings from Spanish culture 

  • Interactive drills of speaking and listening keep you engaged throughout the workshops

  • You take part in the discussion by asking questions and expressing opinions

  • You get supportive materials to practice at home

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teacher - Meri López

We are passionate about teaching you a real-life language in a wider cultural context. Our teachers celebrate every moment of your success.

"I like to create a connection with my students beyond the academic: to know their interests and concerns and to use the language as a network of connection between people. My strength is the conversation classes where the student can feel in a familiar and close environment to express herself or himself naturally. I always try to train and learn new things. I love cinema, reading, gastronomy, photography." 


Why our workshops are so special

We know that learning a language can be a long and frustrating process. That’s why each class is prepared according to your interests so you not only improve your skills but also extend your knowledge about Spanish culture and traditions. We use years of experience to teach you a real-life language in a wider cultural context. 

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