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Spanish with Memes -by Laura Serrano- online  

1,5 hours

Learn while having a laugh at the content of Facebook and Instagram memes.
This workshop is a great opportunity to learn the real language, jokes and have a glimpse of Spanish dry humour.

Time: 90min. Spanish conversation workshops

Level: Basic  
Group: 2-8 people
Teacher speaks: English and Spanish

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During the workshops
  • You learn real-life language through jokes and satire.

  • You learn new phrases and vocabulary in an interesting and playful way

  • You begin to understand the culture and the latest news

  • You will be able to surprise your Spanish speaking friends, with funny jokes and expressions

  • Meet new fun people and have a laugh together

  • You receive supportive materials to practice at home

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STEP 3. Have fun and learn!
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About the teacher

Laura loves to see her student laugh. She has 7 years of experience teaching and using her sense of humour to build trust and a friendly atmosphere.  She loves reading, travelling, cooking dishes from around the world, merging them with Spanish cuisine, and being surrounded by friends.

Laura speaks in Spanish, English Catalan, and German


Why our workshops are so special

We know that learning a language can be a long and frustrating process. That’s why each class is prepared according to your interests so you not only improve your skills but also extend your knowledge about Spanish culture and traditions. We use years of experience to teach you a real-life language in a wider cultural context. 

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