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3 phrases you will constantly overhear in Barcelona 

Hi, Surfers!
Today we want to share with you 3 phrases you will constantly overhear while you're here in Barcelona.
As you probably know, when you learn a language with the most traditional approach, sometimes the language and vocabulary that you find on books has nothing to do with the real useful phrases that speakers use. And then you feel frustrated and wonder what language you've been actually learning... We've been there, no worries.
That's one of the reasons why we started Language Surfing: we want you to learn the Spanish that people use in the street, in shops, in real life situations.
There we go:
Literally means 'how heavy!'. We use it to express surprise, when you've been told something hard to believe.
-Pedro se ha casado cinco veces. (Pedro has married 5 times.)
-¡Qué fuerte!
2. "¡VAYA TELA!" 
Literally means 'what a fabric!'. It seems that its origin might be because of the large "telas" of ships. We use it all the time to express surprise or disappointment, it would be like a 'Oh my God!' in English.
It can be also used for instance in the same prior example:
-Pedro se ha casado cinco veces. (Pedro has married 5 times.)
-¡Vaya tela!
It means you are dying to do something. "Ganas" is a noun that we use to say 'want, attitude'. For example: "tener ganas" = feel like. 
It would be similar to 'Can't wait!' in English.
-El lunes me voy de vacaciones al Caribe. ¡Me muero de ganas! (On Monday I'm going on holiday to the Caribbean. Can't wait!'.
We hope you find it useful. Try to spot them while you're in the bus, in the tube, walking in the street... you'll get surprised by how much these expressions are used! 
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