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24th May 2019 - 5 most common errors by English speakers learning Spanish   SER or ESTAR? The eternal question... Take for example:   “Los compañeros de mi clase están muy simpáticos.”   “En esta calle está una tienda muy bonita”   Corrections:   "Los compañeros de mi clase SON muy simpáticos". Why? Because we assume It is a characteristic of them and not just a temporary state.   "En esta calle HAY una tienda muy bonita".   Why? more... 19th May 2019 - New in Barcelona? Get your Essential Spanish Guide! ¡Hola!    Just landed in Barcelona? Planning to move in or spend your holidays here? Considering studying or working here?   Although English is the worldwide language of communication, let's face it: most people in Spain only speak Spanish. But don't worry, we're here to help you! An immersion experience is always exciting but might also be challenging so we want to give you this handy ebook for free! On this Language Surfing ebook you will more... 9th March 2019 - 5 steps to learn Spanish with songs     Music can help us incredibly to learn the language in a pleasant way. As for the Spanish we have endless possibilities! Spanish is a second most spoken language in the world with 20 countries where it is the official language. What does that mean? A fantastic cultural and musical diversity. Here we give you some clues so you can learn with the music that you like the most.   1. Choose a song you realy like - Here is a list of our favorite songs.   2. First more...

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