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Catalan San Valentine in the time of Covid-19 

(you can download the exercises and practice your Spanish below)

Of all the festivals celebrated in Catalonia, Sant Jordi (Saint George’s Day) is undoubtedly the most beautiful. It is the feast of books and roses.
Sant Jordi is the patron saint of the Catalan territory and he owes his status to the legend of ‘St.George and the dragon’. 

That day the bookstores take to the streets and you can find a stall selling both books and roses in each corner of every catalan city or town.
Traditionally, as a symbol of their love, men would present their partners a rose and the women would give their romantic partners a book (nowadays this is no longer a rule) while walking around the city or town and celebrating Saint George’s day .
For all Catalans having to live this day confined is something unprecedented. This year neither the booksellers nor we could have gone outside and a solution had to be found.

One of our favorite bookstores ´On the road´ located in the beautiful Barcelona neighborhood of Sant Pere offered to its customers online shopping with the delivery.
It was not the only bookstore which offered this service.

At Language Surfing we spoke with a very special author - Martín Badia, to celebrate with you Saint George’s Day.
He is the illustrator and creator of the story ´La princesa NO´, a book not only precious for its illustrations but also for its content and philosophy.
For all ages.

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