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Fallas of Valencia - fire and art  

(If you want to practice your Spanish with this text and the video, below you can download the transcription of the video in Spanish and the exercises)

Of all the Spanish traditions, the Fallas are one of our favorites. Perhaps the most impressive at the audiovisual level.
A ´Falla´ is a statue made by the artists specialized in its creation throughout the year, they are present it in the streets of Valencian towns and cities during the Fallas celebration in the second half of March.

The sculptures are always satirical on current issues. The largest can reach 30 meters in height. The most impressive moment comes on the night of March 19 when all these peaces of art are burned. It is a symbol of saying goodbye to the old, being reborn and starting to build the new.

This year due to the Covid-19 emergency, the celebrations were canceled. With the construction of the faults half finished it was necessary to set another date. Let's remember this amazing tradition by watching the video we recorded in 2017 and hope that the next ones will come very soon.
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