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Learn Spanish with memes.  

Do you believe that having a good sense of humour is something that should not be missing from the experience of language learning? 

We do. 

We learn a language to communicate, to understand each other and to be able to laugh together.  

If you like to spend time having a laugh at the content of the Facebook and Instagram memes, this might be interesting for you. Take a look at some of the most hilarious Spanish memes available online below.
Also check out the Cabronazi facebook profile, they have a great collection of memes https://www.facebook.com/humorcabron/​ 



My clock alarm in the morning. 

Useful expressions (phrases) to talk about the meme: 


A mí me pasa lo mismo - I have the same 

A mi, ésto,  no me pasa nunca - It never happens to me 


¿A quá hora suena tu despertador habitualmente?

For what time do you set your alarm clock usually? 


¿Te gusta dormir mucho?

Do you like to sleep a lot ?


¿Te parece divertido este meme?  

Does the meme seem funny to you?


So, how is your love life going? 


The answer if you consider a meme would be: 

Fatal - Horrible 
Ni me preguntes.  - Don´t even ask. 
Estoy mas solo que la una / un perro - All alone


Prince - el cantante - the singer 

Princesa - a cookie 

Princesa - a princes in this case the Spanish princes 


Do you get it?

Prince stealing a cookie from the princess dressed as a princess in the Princess street!

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