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Meet local Barcelona - Espai Viravolta 

“Language Surfing Friends”. That is how we call businesses in Barcelona that we have an affinity with. These are special places created by local people that show devotion and love for their trade. Language Surfing has a real context-based teaching method that can easily be applied outdoors.
What would speak about in a market area? How would you describe pictures, daily situations of people passing by? Or doing their daily activities? Which vocabulary or expressions fit best at the train station?
One of our star sites – Viravolta co-working space, shop and furniture-renovation workshop is hidden in Barcelona and has great impact on local community. 
Marta is the founder of the artisan association in Sant Pere - “ Sant Pere m´encanta” and among many activities she carries through with, one is to organise gatherings for artists and artisans in order to make their presence felt in the local community and neighbourhoods of Barcelona.


The old town of Barcelona turning into a theme park for tourists, as more and more chains appear and foreign franchises take over local businesses that eventually convert the city to a shopping centre, according to the successful touristic model.
Businesses like Viravolta are quite the opposite. There is a community of local people behind that workshop that supports its cause, driven by the same passion. DIY, furniture renovation, decoration. Here the furniture earns its second life! 
Colourful and upholstery.
Language Surfing teachers make the best of that space, not only by applying vocabulary to it for teaching purposes, but also to introduce and bring it out to people (students), reminding them of what makes Barcelona be an authentic city.
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